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Health Coaches

Coach Kelli

Kelli Schofield is a Licensed Music Educator and Board Certified Music Therapist.  She holds a degree in Piano Pedagogy and a BA in Music Therapy from the University of Utah.  Kelli is passionate about working to find ways to help children learn early to recognize and manage the stressors in their lives.  Kelli is the Co-founder and Vice President of Music4Health.

kelli schofield
Kimberly Ensign

Coach Kimberly

Kimberly Smith Ensign is a Board Certified Music Therapist.  She first received her BS degree in Psychology in 1997 followed by her BA degree in Music Therapy in 2006 from Easter Michigan University.  Kimberly current serves a wide variety of local populations including people with special needs and the elderly in end of life care through her business Butterfly Music Medicine Music Therapy Services.

Coach Danielle

Danielle Keaton is a northern California native and Board Certified Music Therapist who graduated from Utah State University with honors, receiving a bachelor’s degree in music therapy and psychology in 2016.  She finds great joy in working beside students in the special education setting, many of whom have been diagnosed with Autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, speech impairments, intellectual disabilities, or multiple disabilities.

Danielle Keaton
jill leonard

Coach Jill

Jill Leonard is a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Music Educator, and owner of Transformational Health Music Therapy Services. She has experience in a variety of settings: Children and Adolescent Behavioral Medicine, Children and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities, Children’s Hospitals, and Seniors in Memory Care and/or Hospice Care.  Jill earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Flute Performance from the University of North Dakota. She earned her Master’s degree in Flute Performance from California State University Long Beach, and she earned her Music Therapy Board Certification from St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. She has a passion for using music in the therapeutic setting, working with people of all ages to achieve goals of effective coping skills, increasing self-expression, improving socialization skills, decreasing anxiety and depression, and enhancing quality of life.