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Art is Healing

Music4Health’s Expressions Program empowers those going through a healing transformation through sponsorship. We prepare their original artwork for sale on merchandise and offer the items to the general public. All profits from the sale of the merchandise support the artist.

This program creates a healing continuum of inspiring our community with art born from healing. Further, it supports the artist who all too often struggles financially as a result of their healing journey.

Featured Artists

Klara Drndarski

My creative spirit has followed me since childhood. I have always connected with all the gifts nature has to offer. I am using my canvas to express my love and reverence towards the awesome. To learn different techniques, I have taken some workshops and online courses, but nature is my main teacher, my intuition guides me. I grew up and lived in Hungary until my late 30s. I raised a family and always enjoyed cooking delicious meals to my loved ones, decorating, sewing, and gardening in addition to my painting. Back in Hungary, I used to oil paint and stayed with more realistic and traditional styles. Today, I am using mostly acrylic and mixed media elements; trying to be natural, colorful, bold…curious about creating my own style. Life’s challenges have guided me to make changes. I practice yoga, meditation, and healthy eating. I regularly receive energy work; studied Reiki, Shamanic Arts; simplified my lifestyle and surroundings. My painting is my spiritual practice, my creative meditation, my healing practice and more importantly my source of joy and love. I am grateful for this journey through my painting practice. Art is my medicine. I hope that you may find some enjoyment in my paintings and that they will bring a little beauty to your life also.