Our Mission & Story

Music4Health is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to building resiliency, unity, and well-being.

Based in Redlands, CA, Music4Health is a national organization that serves K-12 schools and community centers. Johnna Jonasson and Kelli Schofield founded the organization in 2017. Johnna’s and Kelli’s life circumstances required them both to develop insights and skills to find their own emotional strength to accomplish their dreams. Their paths crossed while Johnna was consulting with a physician organization where Kelli’s husband worked in the late 1990s. Johnna’s and Kelli’s shared vision of helping children gain insights early, to promote healthful habits that create a physically and mentally healthy society, bonded them in partnership to found, Music4Health.

Historically, mental health education termed as “therapy” is provided downstream when symptoms arise that interfere with an individual’s ability to meet the demands of their life, assuming they have the financial resources and that any negative stigma over mental health does not prevent them from seeking treatment. This is a great cost to individuals and society. We have learned that immunizing children is cheaper and more effective than treating disease; the same applies to mental health.

Our actions are determined by our thinking and guiding individuals to develop healthful thinking habits and coping skills early has been scientifically shown to reduce negative health outcomes. Our efforts are focused on influencing individuals upstream and guiding them to develop through experience the skills that have been shown to impact positive health outcomes.

Music4Health is working to apply a trauma-informed system, through music, recreation, and art, to raise children’s awareness of their own resources to prevent and correct negative coping skills that lead to self-harm, depression, anxiety, violence, early pregnancy and paternity, addiction, chronic disease, and suicide.

Changes in individual behavior occur when an emotional connection accompanies learning. Music activates the limbic system of the brain, which controls emotion, memory, and learning and has a unique ability to transcend the limits of spoken language. Music provides a deeper outlet for self-expression, self-discovery, and understanding, crossing all barriers of race, nationality, and culture. Our programs all have a musical core and may also incorporate other mediums of art and recreational movement.

Our trauma-informed systems support the natural resiliency of children and youth and assist them in identifying their own unique strengths by changing thoughts, behavior, actions, and responses.

Through our growing community of mental health professionals, educators, musicians, athletes, and concerned citizens, we are working to develop and implement scalable, trauma-informed positive coping skill programs at K-12 schools and community centers.

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