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Adapting Today for a Stronger Tomorrow!

April is designated as Month of the Military Child; in honor of the sacrifices made by military families across the world, especially the experience of dependent children of military members who may be serving at home or abroad. Friday, April 17th is designated as PurpleUp! Day when individuals where purple to celebrate the sacrifice and heroism of military children and show them support as we work for their continued resilience. The color purple symbolizes all branches of the military by combining Army Green, Marine Corps Red and Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard Blue. This year the theme, “Adapting Today for a Stronger Tomorrow” couldn’t be more fitting given the pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has given us all an opportunity to flex and find ways to be our best selves during this time. As I listen to children and adults express how they’re feeling during this time I ‘m reminded several times each hour of the uniqueness of each individual. That lesson is one I continually learn over and over. That’s really our challenge, to remember that we are each very different and we need different things to live our best lives.

May we all keep waking up gently with intention and keep experimenting until we find what works for us. May we pay attention to the flow as we change and grow and notice how what served us two months ago may not serve us any longer. May we block the noise of what we “should or shouldn’t do” and listen to our own intuition for what feels right for us, as our unique and individual selves and guide the children of the world to learn this early for a lifetime of practice.

by Johnna Jonasson